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Our Services

Whether you require crane or truck hire on the Sunshine Coast, streamlined transport & logistics solutions, or support for construction sites & steel erection, our specialised crane fleet and skilled professionals deliver excellence.

Even for Home Projects, our compact crane options and skilled operators make residential lifts efficient and safe.
With over 30 years experience and our huge crane and truck fleet, you can trust Can Do Cranes Sunshine Coast to bring efficiency, safety, and excellence to all your crane hire needs.

General Hire

Our versatile cranes mean we can provide a solution for any lift. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operators ensure efficient and safe handling, enhancing productivity for your project.
crane truck hire sunshine coast

Transport & Logistics

We simplify logistics with efficient transport solutions, using our specialized crane fleet for seamless loading and unloading of heavy equipment and materials.
Can Do Cranes provides crane hire for construction sites

Construction Sites & Steel Erection

We ensure precise construction lifts and secure steel erection, contributing to your project's success with skilled operators and advanced machinery.
Mobile Crane Hire Services Geelong


We support critical infrastructure projects. Our cutting-edge cranes and skilled professionals ensure the efficient and timely execution of complex lifting tasks, contributing to the progress of major infrastructure initiatives.
Newcastle Mobile Crane Hire is handled with precision

Rigging & Dogging

We excel in precise rigging solutions, handling challenging lifts with care. From heavy machinery installations to delicate operations, we provide the expertise for successful rigging projects.
can do cranes has an extensive team of expert and processional crane drivers, riggers, dogmen and logistics for all mobile crane hire

Home Projects

Our compact crane options and skilled operators make even the trickiest lifts for residential projects a breeze. Trust us to bring efficiency and safety to your home improvement initiatives.

Need Some Help To Get Started?

Read our helpful guide for everything you need to know about hiring a crane, how to prepare, and what to expect.
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Our Crane Fleet

franna crane hire Pick and carry crane hire

Franna Cranes

The Franna Crane is a versatile and powerful mobile crane used for industrial applications. Its boom and crane provide precision lifting and movement of heavy objects. Primarily used in construction, Franna Cranes can also assist in disaster relief and offshore operations. They are also useful for tree removal and loading/unloading boats. The crane’s flexibility and transportability make it a popular choice.


Easily movable, easy to drive.

Fast Set-up

With a vehicle body, tight turning-circle and quick set-up the versatility of the crance can saves time on-site.

Pick-up & Carry

Also known as the ‘pick & carry’ crane. The Franna can at times avoid the need for aditional trucks and logistics.

All Terrain Cranes

All Terrain Cranes are specialized cranes designed for construction sites and outdoor projects, providing versatile solutions to maneuver over difficult terrains. They can reach great heights and safely transport equipment and materials on-site with their telescopic booms. All Terrain Cranes are increasingly popular due to their strong performance and capabilities in tough conditions. They are equipped with features like adjustable tracks, advanced suspension systems, and four-wheel drives, making them an ideal choice for construction projects in challenging terrains.

Great For Uneven Terrain

When sites are difficult to traverse, this crane comes into its own.

Good For Sloping Sites

With a range of stabalising equipment and terrain abilities, this crane is a go-to option for sloping sites.

Bad Weather

With the stabilising features, this crane works well in bad weather!

Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck Mounted Cranes are mounted on heavy-duty vehicles, allowing them to be easily transported, making them a versatile machine for multiple applications. They have the flexibility to reach great heights, move materials between buildings or across the site, and lift heavy loads quickly and safely. They are ideal for industrial tasks like loading and unloading heavy equipment from trucks, as well as construction tasks. Truck Mounted Cranes offer great flexibility with their height and reach capabilities, making them a popular choice in the industry. Equipped with powerful engines and advanced control systems, they can get any job done quickly and efficiently, making them an essential tool for construction and industrial sites.


With massive engines, these cranes are the powerful option.

Great Rotation

Once setup, the boom on these cranes has great manouverability.

Road Speed

These cranes are built to drive. When the job is further away from the depot, a truck-mounted crane can be a great option.

Crawler Cranes

The Crawler Crane is a versatile and stable tool ideal for construction sites and heavy-duty applications. Its tracks enable it to move through difficult terrain, while its low ground pressure allows it to access areas where other machines can’t. It has excellent lifting capabilities of up to 500 tons, making it highly reliable and efficient. The crawler crane is an excellent choice for people in need of a powerful machine capable of performing a wide range of tasks. Its many benefits make it an invaluable asset to any construction project.

Soft Surfaces

The tracks allow the crawler to move across soft and sandy surfaces.

Unprepared sites

If the work site is completely unprepared, the crawler becomes a great choice.

Instant Stability

With the wide base,the crawler can operate at times without the need for any extra stabilisation.

Our Transport Solutions

crane truck hire sunshine coast

Crane Trucks

Combine the mobility and transport of a truck with the lifting capabilities of a crane. These specialised vehicles are equipped with a hydraulically-operated crane mounted on the truck’s chassis, providing the ability to lift and transport heavy loads. Crane trucks are widely used in various industries, such as construction, infrastructure development, utilities, and logistics, where they play a crucial role in material handling and equipment placement. The key advantage of crane trucks is their mobility, allowing them to travel quickly between job sites.

Transport heavy loads

With massive engines, these cranes are the powerful option to transport heacy loads long distances (e.g pools, water tanks, shipping containers).

Great rotation

Once setup, the boom on these cranes has great manouverability.

Road speed

These cranes are built to drive. When the job is further away from the depot, a truck-mounted crane can be a great option.

Heavy Rigid & Tilt Tray Trucks

In addition to our crane hire services we are proud to offer comprehensive transport and logistics services on the Sunshine Coast! Can do Cranes is thrilled to present our 17-tonne heavy rigid and 7-tonne tilt tray truck solutions. Whether you need to move heavy loads, handle specialised equipment, or require efficient transport for your goods, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team ensures safe and timely deliveries, providing you with peace of mind while optimising your logistical operations. From commercial deliveries to industrial transportation, we strive to meet your unique requirements with professionalism and expertise. Give us a call to discuss your logistics needs and we will proudly complete your project on time, safely and in budget.

Efficiency and timliness

Our truck transport services offer efficient and timely deliveries, ensuring your goods reach their destination promptly. With our well-maintained heavy rigid and tilt tray trucks, we can handle diverse cargo types, reducing wait times and streamlining your delivery.

Versatility and flexibility

Whether you require transportation for heavy loads or need specialised handling for delicate equipment, our 17-tonne heavy rigid and 7-tonne tilt tray trucks provide the versatility and flexibility to accommodate various cargo needs. From industrial equipment, residential project to commercial deliveries.

Reliable and secure

Our experienced drivers and well-equipped trucks guarantee a secure transport process, minimising risk and delays. We prioritise the safety of your cargo, giving you peace of mind throughout the transportation journey.

Always A Solution

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Can Do Cranes holds huge pride in delivering quality and safe mobile crane hire solutions for the Sunshine Coast.

We provide a diverse range of cranes and skilled operators to efficiently, safely, and affordably handle your projects.

Our experienced team excels in all aspects of operations, logistics, and rigging, catering to projects of any scale, from backyard pool lifts to large constructions.

With over 30 years of expertise and an extensive fleet of cranes and crane trucks, we offer valuable advice and the most suitable equipment at a cost-effective rate.


Why Choose Us?


Our crane hire service provides top-notch equipment and experienced operators who prioritize safety and efficiency. Count on us to deliver reliable solutions for your project.


Need a crane fast? Our large fleet of cranes and speedy delivery and setup mean we can get your job up and running in no time.


We offer a range of cranes for different jobs and rental periods to fit your specific needs. Our team is willing to work with you to ensure the best outcome for your project.


Our competitive pricing and transparent fee structure mean you won't have any surprises when you choose our crane hire service. Get the equipment you need at a price you can afford.

Customer Service

We prioritise your satisfaction and provide support throughout the rental process. We value your business and will ensure you have an excellent experience.


With years of experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to handle a variety of jobs, providing solutions for unexpected challenges.

We're The Crane Hire Specialists

Our crane specialists are highly experienced in crane rental and are an invaluable asset to both businesses and homeowners.

We offer efficient deployment of the right crane at the best price. Our team’s expertise in all aspects of crane hire guarantees professional advice on which crane type suits your project.

With years of experience, we can provide fast quotes to get your project underway promptly. Can Do Cranes provide comprehensive services that ensure you have reliable equipment when you need it, getting the job done quickly and safely. Trust our team to deliver a seamless crane rental experience.

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Expertise That Elevates Your Projects

Our team comprises of highly skilled crane operators, drivers, riggers, and dogman who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Each member of our crew is meticulously trained, certified, and possesses in-depth industry knowledge. From maneuvering heavy loads to executing complex lifts, our professionals have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in crane operations.

Uncompromising Dedication to Safety

Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our crane hire team adheres to the strictest safety protocols and industry best practices. You can trust that every lift we perform is executed with the utmost caution, ensuring the protection of both personnel and property. Our operators and riggers are well-versed in risk assessment, ensuring that potential hazards are identified and mitigated before a lift even begins.

Guidance and Service You Can Rely On

Need advice on the best crane solution for your project? Our team is not only well-versed in operating cranes; they are also adept at providing tailored recommendations to suit your specific requirements. No matter the job, our experts will guide you through the process and help you choose the right crane for the job.

A Partner in Your Success

We understand that your project's success hinges on the reliability and expertise of our team. That's why we approach every job with unwavering dedication and a commitment to exceeding your expectations. Our crane operators and riggers take ownership of each project, treating it as if it were their own. When you choose Can Do Cranes, you're not just getting a crane – you're getting a team that's fully invested in your success.

Site Inspections

We look after you from quote through to project completion 

Site inspections are an integral part of our comprehensive approach to project management. We recognise the significance of conducting thorough site assessments before commencing any project, as they lay the groundwork for successful execution and safety compliance. Our site inspections are conducted by experienced professionals who bring a keen eye for detail and a wealth of expertise in identifying potential challenges and opportunities on the job site.

  1. Pre-Project Assessment: Before the project begins, our team of experts conducts a pre-project assessment of the site. This assessment involves carefully evaluating the terrain, ground stability, access points, and potential hazards present in the vicinity. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the site’s characteristics, we can develop tailored solutions and safety protocols to address specific challenges unique to each project.
  2. Identifying Safety Hazards: Safety is paramount in every aspect of our operations. During the site inspection, we actively identify and assess potential safety hazards that may impact the project’s progress. We pay close attention to factors such as overhead obstacles, power lines, underground utilities, and neighbouring structures to ensure safe clearance for our equipment and personnel.

  3. Tailored Safety Plans: Based on the findings of the site inspection, we develop detailed safety plans and protocols. These plans are customised to address site-specific risks, outline safety procedures, and establish emergency response protocols. Our proactive approach ensures that safety considerations are integrated into every aspect of the project, minimising the likelihood of incidents and ensuring a secure working environment.

  4. Compliance with Regulations: We are committed to adhering to all local and national regulations related to construction and safety. Our site inspections verify compliance with these standards, and we keep ourselves updated with any changes or additions to ensure that our operations consistently meet the latest requirements.

  5. Collaboration with Clients: We actively involve our clients in the site inspection process, fostering open communication and transparency. By collaborating closely with our clients, we gain valuable insights into their specific project goals and requirements, allowing us to tailor our services and safety plans to align seamlessly with their vision.

  6. Ongoing Monitoring: For longer-term projects, site inspections are not limited to a one-time event. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, our team conducts ongoing monitoring to ensure that safety measures remain effective and adapt to any changes in the site’s conditions. Regular evaluations enable us to address emerging safety concerns promptly and make necessary adjustments to maintain a secure work environment.

Our commitment to meticulous site inspections underscores our dedication to precision, efficiency, and safety. By conducting comprehensive assessments and implementing robust safety measures, we create a solid foundation for successful project execution, while safeguarding the well-being of our team, clients, and the communities we serve.


We Put Safety First

At Can Do Cranes – Crane Hire Sunshine Coast, safety is our top priority in every aspect of our operations. We firmly believe that a commitment to safety not only protects our team members but also ensures the well-being of our clients, partners, and the communities we serve. This also ensures the assets of our clients are protected. Here’s how we put safety first:

  • Rigorous Training: Our team of skilled professionals undergoes comprehensive training and certification programs to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to operate our equipment safely. We regularly conduct refreshers to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We invest in modern, well-maintained equipment to guarantee optimal performance and minimise the risk of accidents due to equipment failure. Regular inspections and maintenance are carried out by our experienced technicians to keep our fleet in pristine condition.
  • Site Assessments and Risk Mitigation: Before any project commences, our team conducts thorough site assessments to identify potential hazards and risks. We develop detailed safety plans and protocols tailored to each specific project, taking into account the site’s unique challenges and requirements.
  • Safety Standards and Compliance: We strictly adhere to all relevant safety regulations, standards, and guidelines set forth by authorities and governing bodies. Our safety protocols not only meet but often exceed industry standards, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to creating a safe working environment.
  • Safety Culture: Safety is ingrained in our company culture. We foster an environment where every team member actively participates in promoting safety and is empowered to raise safety concerns or suggest improvements. We encourage open communication and feedback, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of all our endeavours.
  • Continuous Improvement: We believe in continuously improving our safety practices. Through regular safety audits and incident investigations, we identify areas for enhancement and implement corrective measures promptly. We view each project as an opportunity to learn and refine our safety protocols further.
  • Client Education: We actively engage with our clients and partners, emphasising the importance of safety throughout the duration of a project. We provide clear instructions for safe operations and work collaboratively to ensure that all parties involved understand and adhere to safety procedures.

Our team is committed to fostering a safety-first culture, where every individual plays a role in upholding the highest safety standards. By prioritising safety in everything we do, we aim to not only achieve project success but also ensure the well-being of everyone involved in our operations.

crane safety on construction site is important

About Mobile Crane Hire

What are the advantages of mobile crane hire?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Mobile crane hire offers a cost-effective solution for construction companies and businesses. Instead of investing in purchasing a crane, which can be expensive and require maintenance costs, hiring a mobile crane allows them to pay only for the duration of the project or specific tasks, reducing long-term financial commitments.

  • Flexibility and Versatility: Mobile cranes are designed to be easily transported to different locations, making them highly versatile for various construction projects. Whether it’s lifting heavy equipment, materials, or machinery on construction sites, or assisting in tasks like tree removal, mobile cranes can adapt to different job requirements, offering flexibility in their applications.

  • Expertise and Safety: When hiring a mobile crane, businesses and homeowners also benefit from the expertise of skilled operators who are experienced in handling the equipment safely and efficiently. Trained operators can minimise the risk of accidents and ensure the job is completed with precision and adherence to safety regulations, providing peace of mind to the hiring party.

  • Quick Set-Up = Reduced Downtime: Mobile cranes can be quickly set up and ready for operation, reducing downtime and delays on construction sites. Their agility and ease of assembly allow for a smoother workflow, helping projects stay on schedule and within deadlines.

  • Latest Technology: With the latest crane models and technology precise and safe lifting has never been easier. By renting a mobile crane, businesses can access state-of-the-art equipment, which may not have been feasible or cost-effective to purchase outright.

  • Strong and Precise Lifting Capabilities: Mobile cranes are equipped with powerful hydraulic systems and high-quality materials, enabling them to lift heavy loads with ease. Additionally, their precise controls and fine-tuned mechanisms allow for accurate positioning of objects, ensuring safe and efficient lifting operations on construction sites or other projects.


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Sunshine Coast

We are thrilled to offer our services to the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We believe that we can make a real difference for businesses and the wonderful people of this vibrant region. The Sunshine Coast is a truly special place to live, with a unique culture, friendly locals, and a fantastic climate.

The region boasts mild winters, warm summers, and plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making it an ideal location for outdoor activities. You can explore the stunning beaches such as Mooloolaba Beach, Noosa Main Beach, Kings Beach, or the Point Cartwright Reserve. Other attractions include the Australia Zoo, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast and the Glass House Mountains.

But what really makes the Sunshine Coast special is the people. Known for their warmth, hospitality, and community spirit, the locals here are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you are a long-time resident or a recent arrival, you are sure to feel at home here in this welcoming and inclusive region.




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