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We take pride in supporting local communities Australia-wide by partnering with qualified and experienced local crane hire suppliers. Our teams can advise you on the best solution for your needs, ensuring you get the most out of your crane hire.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off lift or long-term service agreement click below to connect with one of our teams in your area and discover how we can help with your next project. We are proud of our teams who provide the expert knowledge, friendly service, and reliable equipment you need for a successful project.

Can Do Cranes team

Your Trusted Local Crane Hire Experts

Our local crane operators and specialists are experts in the field of crane rental and are an asset to any business or residential client that requires the use of our services. With knowledge in all aspects of crane hire, from safety in crane operation to transport and logistics, our teams can provide professional advice on which crane type is most suitable for your project. Developing experience over years means our teams can provide quotes quickly so you can get started on your project without delay. Can Do Cranes offers comprehensive services that ensure that you have access to reliable equipment and operators when you need it. Rest assured that you will get the job done quickly and safely with our expert, local and friendly teams.

Can Do Cranes provides crane hire for construction sites

Residential and Commercial

Lifting any object, anywhere and at any time is made possible by mobile crane hire. Cranes are the ideal choice for any logistics operation in any location. Whether it’s moving heavy equipment across a construction site or loading cargo onto ships at a port, cranes provide the precision, safety and reliability that’s needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With powerful engines that can lift almost anything, modern cranes have become indispensable tools in many industries. Their ability to be used in various locations make them a valuable asset for getting cargo from point A to point B with minimal effort. Despite their size, they are surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and reliable enough to handle the toughest of tasks with ease. Cranes offer an unparalleled level of flexibility when it comes to lifting heavy objects, making them the go-to choice for anyone needing to move things quickly and safely from one place to another.

Can Do Cranes Canberra offers truck mounted cranes

We Are Here To Help

With our local teams extensive range of cranes and experienced operators, we’re confident we can help you get your job underway and completed quickly. Being logistical masterminds with a variety of options for transporting and rigging your loads, we’re proud that we can help get your project completed on time and on budget. Whether you need to lift something heavy or reach a difficult location, the team can make it happen. With their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, Can Do Cranes will make sure that your project is completed successfully.

can do cranes has an extensive team of expert and processional crane drivers, riggers, dogmen and logistics for all mobile crane hire

Our Most Popular Crane Types

Franna Cranes

Franna Cranes are able to lift and move across distances large amounts of material quickly and safely. Distinguished from other mobile crane models, the Franna crane eliminates the need for stabilizing legs or outriggers, streamlining both setup and dismantling on-site. Its unique design also grants the flexibility to seamlessly navigate across project areas with minimal logistical requirements. By forgoing stabilizers and outriggers, the Franna crane excels in confined passages, a feat that might challenge conventional mobile cranes. Boasting compact dimensions and road-ready capabilities, the Franna crane emerges as an optimal choice for diverse residential tasks, while its robust lifting capacity extends its competency to civil and commercial projects as well.These types of cranes have become very popular due to offering a great deal of flexibility.


Easily movable, easy to drive.

Fast Set-up

With a vehicle body, tight turning-circle and quick set-up the versatility of the crance can svae lots of time on-site.

Pick-up & Carry

Also known as the ‘pick & carry’ crane. The Franna can at times avoid the need for aditional trucks and logistics.

All Terrain Cranes

All Terrain Cranes are an ideal option for construction sites and outdoor projects. These specialised cranes can access areas that would normally be inaccessible to traditional cranes. They offer a highly versatile solution for projects that require manoeuvrability over difficult terrain. With the ability to reach heights, all-terrain cranes provide a safe and reliable way to transport materials and equipment onsite. Their telescopic booms can also be extended to move heavy loads over long distances. The use of All Terrain Cranes has become increasingly popular in recent years due to their strong performance and capability in tough conditions. They are designed with features such as adjustable tracks, advanced suspension systems, and four-wheel drives, making them an ideal choice for construction projects in challenging terrains.

Great For Uneven Terrain

When sites are difficult to traverse, this crane comes into its own.

Good For Sloping Sites

With a range of stabalising equipment and terrain abilities, this crane is a go-to option for sloping sites.

Bad Weather

With the stabilising features, this crane works well in bad weather!

Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck Mounted Cranes are an essential machine in many construction and industrial sites. They are a type of crane that is mounted on a truck or other heavy-duty vehicle. This allows them to be easily moved from one location to another, making them highly versatile and convenient for multiple applications. Truck Mounted Cranes have a wide range of lifting abilities and offer great flexibility with their height and reach capabilities. They can lift heavy loads quickly and safely, which makes them ideal for industrial tasks like loading and unloading of heavy equipment from trucks, as well as construction tasks like moving materials between buildings or across the site. With their powerful engines and advanced control systems, Truck Mounted Cranes are the perfect way to get any job done quickly and efficiently.


With massive engines, these cranes are the powerful option.

Great Rotation

Once setup, the boom on these cranes has great manouverability.

Road Speed

These cranes are built to drive. When the job is further away from the depot, a truck-mounted crane can be a great option.

Crawler Cranes

The crawler crane is a versatile tool that has a variety of benefits. Its mobility and stability make it ideal for construction sites, as well as for other heavy-duty applications. The crane can move through difficult terrain thanks to its tracks. Its low ground pressure allows it to be used in areas where other machines may not be able to access. It also offers great lifting capabilities, with some models capable of carrying up to 500 tons. The crawler crane is highly reliable and efficient, making it an excellent choice for companies looking for a machine that is both powerful and capable of performing a wide range of tasks. With its many advantages, the crawler crane is an invaluable asset to any construction project.

Soft Surfaces

The tracks allow the crawler to move across soft and sandy surfaces.

Unprepared sites

If the work site is completely unprepared, the crawler becomes a great choice.

Instant Stability

With the wide base,the crawler can operate at times without the need for any extra stabilisation.

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Unsure What Size
Crane You Need?

When it comes to lifting and moving heavy objects safely and effectively, you need to be sure that you have the right crane size for your project. It's important to consider all the factors and tasks that will be performed, this is no small task. The size of the crane you need depends on several things, including the weight of the object being lifted, its dimensions, and any height restrictions that may apply. To get an accurate assessment of the crane size you need, simply give us a call. We will help you find a cost-effective solution based on your unique project requirements. With our expertise and knowledge, together we will be able to find a crane that will fit your needs.

Locally Owned & Operated

Can Do Cranes partners with locally owned and operated crane hire services. With on-the-ground teams you can trust that know the local industry inside and out. Not only do our operators and team understand the intricacies of the crane industry, but they also understand the local regulations and requirements needed to operate properly in your area. Our teams take pride in their work, ensuring that each job is completed safetly, on time and in budget. With a locally owned and operated crane service, you can trust that your project will be handled professionally, with accuracy and safety as the top priorities.
franna crane hire Pick and carry crane hire

Cost of Crane Hire

There are many factors that can unexpectedly blow-out a budget. A cheap-quote from a business may secure the job, but unrealistic expectations only creates frustration and stress when the invoice arrives. This can be especially important when it comes to larger projects or jobs where costs can easily blow-out with unrealised obstacles. When it comes to crane hire, it is essential that the operator understands the task at hand and does not cut-corners or make mistakes. Doing something twice, or repairing damage, is the most expensive option. Being competitive means to us that we help keep your project costs in check while still maintaining quality and safety. It is important to us to achieve a competitive rate that will ensure you get the highest value for your money while keeping your focus on the next important task rather.

Planning & Preparation

When it comes to planning and preparation for a large construction project, it is essential to consider the right crane hire service. The type of mobile crane you need will depend on the size, weight and accessibility of the job site. Or teams will ensure you are supplied with the right equipment and personnel for your project. With years of experience it is no-doubt that our teams will have experience with similar projects and can provide a smooth operation from start to finish. Safety protocols will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand to ensure that everyone remains safe whilst onsite. Planning and preparation are key when it comes to any lift.
Can Do Cranes Mobile Crane Hire site setup

Our Locations

Can Do Cranes proudly represents qualified and verified crane hire services across Australia. We strive to ensure you receive the best price, the safest, and the friendliest service in the industry. We wear our uniform with pride and are pleased to help.


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