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The Franna Crane

A Franna Crane is a type of crane that was specifically developed as a versatile and quick set-up crane. It's uniquely mounted on a truck for manouverability and has a simple hydraulic boom. It is also known as a 'pick and carry' crane as it does a fantasdtic job of moving with loads. It can be hired to carry heavy loads, on construction sites, workshops, and mines.

The versatility of the franna crane makes it an ideal tool for lifting and carrying loads up to 25 tonnes in weight. This makes them useful in many situations where heavier lift capacity is needed.

In Australia, the use of franna cranes has become increasingly popular due to their reliability and ability to move with ease. They have proven to be an invaluable asset on construction sites, workshops, and mines where their ability to transport materials quickly and safely is essential. Their lifting capacity makes them a great choice for transporting large objects such as containers or machinery around a site. With their 25 tonne capacity, they are reliable and versatile enough to meet most requirements in many situations.

Benefits of Hiring A Franna Crane

The Franna crane is a Can Do Cranes favourite; a versatile mobile crane used for lifting and carrying loads on a job site.

The franna crane has an increased ability for heavy lifts with its stabilising legs, which provide better stability when lifting heavy objects, allowing it to lift heavier loads than other mobile cranes. Its manoeuvrability allows it to navigate tight spaces, making it very mobile and easy to use. This means less labour is needed in order to move the crane from one place to another.

The franna crane can be used for various jobs such as transporting materials across the job site, or for lifting large items up high. It is also capable of carrying out precise movements due to its flexibility.

Being a truely mobile crane, as it has it is essentially a vehicle itself, means that the franna is great for us crane hire companies when the job is some distance from the depot. This can save everyone time (and money).

Limitations of the Franna Crane

The Franna Crane is a versatile lifting tool that can be used in many different scenarios. However, it does have its limitations. The most notable limitation is the crane's lifting capacity, which varies depending on the surface it is operating on. This means that surfaces such as sand or gravel may reduce its capacity to lift heavier loads compared to more stable surfaces. Additionally, the surface on which the Franna Crane is placed must be even and stable, or else the crane could become unstable when carrying out a lift.

Other factors that can contribute to reduced load capacity are wind speed and its ability to move up and down slopes. It’s important for operators to understand their Franna Crane’s capacity.

While 25 tonnes may sound massive, this is considered by the crane industry as a limited lifting capacity. The crane must not lift loads that exceed its technical specifications. This means it may not be suitable for certain jobs where heavier loads are required to be lifted.

Another factor to consider is the reach of the crane. Franna's are limited due to their size, meaning they may not always be able to access hard-to-reach areas or places that require more precise movements.

Cranes come in many types and you can understand the benefits of each by looking at our truck-mounted cranes, crawler cranes and all-terrain crane pages.

History Of The Franna Crane

The history of the franna crane dates back to the early 1978 in Australia, when it was first developed as a mobile crane, made from both crane and truck parts.

The inventors of the crane, David Francis used both his name and his wifes family name 'Anna' to create the name ''Franna'. Since its humble beginings, the Franna has become a 'must-have' for crane hire companies. Franna's are now built by Terex, who aquired the design in 1999.

The Franna is a pick-and-carry crane that has become increasingly popular due to its ability to lift and move loads in tight spaces and places where larger cranes cannot safely go. The franna crane can lift up to 20-25 tonnes and is used for machinery handling, construction, mining, and other trades that require transport of heavy loads. Its unique design allows them to move with the load on board, making them very efficient and safe for working in high risk environments.

The popularity of the franna crane is largely attributed to its mobility, ease of use and cost effectiveness compared to other mobile cranes available today.

Use of Franna Cranes in the Construction Industry

Franna cranes are an essential part of the construction industry. They are used to lift and move large, heavy items such as steel beams, concrete slabs and other materials used in construction projects. Franna cranes have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and ability to work in a variety of environments. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them an ideal choice for any type of construction project.

The accuracy and precision offered by these machines allow for more efficient and effective placement of materials, resulting in faster completion times.

What Makes Franna's So Special?

The difference between other cranes and a franna lies in their size, capacity and usage. Cranes are generally large, heavy-duty machines that are used for lifting and moving very large and heavy objects. Large cranes have greater reach than frannas and can lift heavier loads. Frannas are smaller, lighter machines with a limited reach and capacity. They are usually used for lighter activities, such as moving materials around on a construction site or loading/unloading trucks. Frannas also have the capability to be driven by the operator while on site whereas cranes must remain stationary while in use. Both large cranes and frannas are integral parts of any construction project but they each serve different purposes due to the differences in their size, capacity, manoeuvrability and reach.

Where Are Franna Cranes Made

Franna cranes are made by Terex, a leading global manufacturer of heavy equipment and materials. Terex was founded in 1925 and is renowned for its innovative products and services. Franna cranes are manufactured in Australia, with a wide range of sizes available to meet the specific needs of customers. All Franna cranes are built using high-quality components to ensure that they are both reliable and durable. The cranes are designed for safety, performance, and efficiency. They have a variety of features such as adjustable lifting heights, quick lifting speeds, load holding valves, and double acting hydraulic cylinders. Franna cranes also come with a range of accessories including remote control options which make them even more versatile. With their excellent build quality and advanced technology, these crane machines provide an unbeatable combination of strength and reliability.

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