Geelong Eastern Beach Reserve

Geelong Eastern Shore Reserve
Geelong Eastern Shore Reserve

I recently visited beautiful Geelong and the Geelong Eastern Beach Reserve and it’s no wonder why it’s a popular destination for families. The still water is perfect for swimming, with a fenced-in area for added safety and a separate kids’ pool. The nearby playground and ferris wheel offer plenty of entertainment for kids, and there’s even a carousel further down the beach. For older children, there’s the option to jump off the pier and pontoons within the fenced-in area, and a boardwalk circles the swimming area for a nice stroll.

During the summer months, parking can be a hassle, but luckily public transportation is available, with just a 15-minute walk from the nearest bus stop. It’s also recommended to bring your own food and drinks as the kiosk can be expensive, especially for families. Public toilets are available and surf lifesaving guards are on duty for added safety.

One thing to note is that shade is limited, so make sure to use sunscreen and bring shelter if planning to stay for a while. One reviewer mentioned that the area has a carnival feel with families enjoying BBQs, ice creams, and the Ferris wheel.

The Geelong Eastern Beach Reserve is just a part of the Geelong Waterfront, which is the main tourist attraction in Geelong. It offers stunning views of Corio Bay, the Geelong Harbour, the Cunningham Pier, the heritage Geelong Carousel, the Baywalk Bollards, the Eastern Beach Promenade, and the Poppy Kettle Playground.

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