Newcastle Museum

newcastle museum

Newcastle Museum is an ideal place to learn about the history of Newcastle and its surrounding area. It is located in the Honeysuckle area of Newcastle and situated in the old train workshops. The museum is free of charge to enter and see the main exhibits. The exhibits showcase the history of Newcastle from its Steelworks period to local identities of note who have come from there.

The museum also features special exhibitions, such as the Sea Monsters exhibition, which has great models and displays. While the entry to the museum is free, there is a modest fee to enter the Sea Monsters exhibit. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the history of sea monsters and features an assortment of creatures that once roamed the oceans.

One of the main attractions of the museum is the demonstration of the steel works, which is a very graphic and informative exhibit. Visitors can learn about the steel making process in Newcastle and how it shaped the city’s history. The history exhibits are also fascinating, with a great collection of war memorabilia and information about local industries, including Arnotts and the Oak factory.

The museum is also a great place for children, with a hands-on area that is perfect for little and big kids alike. However, visitors have mentioned that there is no cafe on site, but there are plenty of options nearby.

While the museum is a great place to visit, some visitors have experienced difficulty finding it. There is no signage outside, so it can be easy to miss, and parking can be a challenge, with no car parks nearby. However, the museum is within easy walking distance of the promenade around the Port of Newcastle and the Merewether Baths.

Overall, the Newcastle Museum is an enjoyable and educational experience that offers a glimpse into the rich history of Newcastle. It’s worth visiting to learn about the city’s past and the people who have shaped it.

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