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Can Do Cranes is a nationally authoritive site representing locally run Australian crane hire businesses.

At Can Do cranes, we understand just how crucial a consistent stream of quality crane hire jobs is for the success of your crane business. That's precisely why we're here – to guide you through the world of digital marketing and lead generation with confidence. With our specialised focus on the crane industry, we're your go-to partner for ensuring your phone is ringing.
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We help Australian crane hire companies grow by delivering consitant quality crane hire leads month after month.

What it means to partner with
Can Do Cranes

A Complete Lead Generation Solution

We implement and manage a range of marketing strategies to ensure your phone keeps ringing with ready to buy customers in your area.

No Lock in contracts

We simply hold up our end of the deal, which is to have your phone ringing, or you don't pay.


We only ever partner with one service provider in one location. Signing up with us offers crane hire companies exclusive rights to 100% of the calls generated in their region by Can Do Cranes. No shared leads here!


We target people with high buyer intent that are searching for the services you offer. We then send them directory to your phone before they get to the competitors.


We only partner with you if we are both completely confident that you are going to see a fantastic return on your investment.
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Crane Hire Leads - recent results

How many extra crane hire leads per month would it take to change your business and your life?

Your success is our success!
We've got all your needs covered when it comes to securing more crane hire work. Our proven lead generation and marketing strategies have consistently yielded positive outcomes for our partners across Australia.

Let's take a look at some results for our Newcastle partner to show how powerful our lead generation system really is.

The journey of two brothers kickstarted their crane hire business, and now they're poised for expansion. Our collaboration with them began in early 2023, and we take immense pride in facilitating their business growth. Since joining Can Do Cranes, we consistently provide them with a steady influx of 50+ crane hire leads each month. We're excited to continue their onward growth trajectory and we will continue to deliver more and more leads as their business grows.

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Email & Form enquires / month
Estimated Close Rate
Estimated ROI every month
Are you ready to grow your crane hire business?
This isn't for every crane hire business. Our services are best suited for businesses that fulfill specific criteria, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. If you resonate with the following, then Can Do Cranes could be the perfect fit for you:

1. Team Capacity: To manage the increased workload that Can Do Cranes can deliver, it's essential to have a dedicated team in place. While smaller businesses might find it challenging to accommodate the surge, exceptions can be made if there's a solid growth plan in action. Our commitment is to foster growth, and we will only proceed if it's a win-win scenario for both parties.

2. Growth Aspirations: If your aspiration is to expand your business and establish a robust new revenue stream, our services align seamlessly. Viewing periods of high demand as an opportunity rather than a burden is a key mindset for success. If you're eager to transcend the limitations of your current marketing strategies and venture into an entirely new realm of revenue, Can Do Cranes is a powerful option for your business.

3. Efficient Systems in Place: Ensuring the consistent delivery of top-notch service is paramount. Businesses that benefit the most from our lead generation services have well-established systems that can handle the increased call volume while maintaining the highest standards of quality work. Having streamlined processes in place guarantees that each lead is attended to promptly and that the work produced maintains the excellence your clients expect. This synergy between lead generation and operational efficiency is the key to success with Can Do Cranes.

If you find you resonance with the above descriptions and seek to experince a substantial increase in your monthly revenue, we invite you to submit an application below. Let's set up a brief, 15-minute call to discuss your crane hire business, and together determine if this partnership holds the potential for remarkable growth and success.

Get in touch if:

You are committed to growing your business.

Your business has systems in place to handle extra call volume.

Your business has capacity to fill the jobs and produce consistent quality work.

You are ready for a completely new revenue stream to scale your business.


If you're looking to fill a gap in a short dry period this isn’t for you.

If you are a one-man-band and not looking to expand

If you like the idea of increased revenue but don’t currently have the systems in place to handle that work, then maybe right now isn’t the time to sign up for our program. But please get in touch when you are ready and (if we havn't partnered with anyone in your area yet) we can have a chat.

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Schedule a 15 min Call

Schedule a call with us to explore your eligibility for joining the Can Do Cranes team.

During this call, we'll discuss where your business it at, why now is the right time to join Can Do Cranes and outline how we can optimally contribute to your business expansion. Moreover, we'll discuss a pricing structure tailored to your business's unique position.

It's important to emphasise that our intention isn't to presume that our services will be an immediate match. Instead, our primary aim is to collaboratively determine if our partnership can align to support each others business goals. This way, we can collectively move forward in if we both agree it's a win-win.
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Our process -
delivering more leads to the crane companies we partner with

The best way to predict your future is to create it.



If we have availability in your area then we set up a time to discuss where your business is at and if our lead generation strategy is right for you. If we can make it work for both of us, we move forward.



We use the latest software and techniques to analyse the competition and develop a fully optimised strategy that captures ready-to-buy customers in your area and direct them straight to your phone.



We input your nominated phone number and email address to the backend of our system. Your business is seamlessly integrated.



All you have to do is answer the phone and book in the jobs. No bidding or competing, just book in the customer that has been sent directly to you.



While you’re taking the phone calls we continue to manage our lead generation strategy. We make sure your happy and that your phone keeps ringing.



We send you a monthly report detailing how many unique calls and emails we sent you. This report will include an estimated ROI (minus our fee) so you can easily keep track of your investment.


Who are we and what we offer

Not your standard shared lead generation platform!

We recently met with dozens of crane hire companies up the east coast of Australia. It was invaluable to shake hands with you all and understand the crane hire industry. Unfortunately, we were not surprised to hear that so many of you have been consistently let down by saturated online lead sharing platforms.

We heard from so many that shared lead platforms are ineffective and competitive.

We heard stories about calls coming in that were too far away, or unrelated, and web developers that didn’t listen to people in the industry they were meant to be serving.

It’s disappointing to hear that other services aren’t delivering for you what they should. But it also makes us happy knowing we can!

We are proud to show up as a small and personal Australian owned and run business delivering a quality and complete lead generation solution tailored for the crane hire industry. We are experienced in web design, online marketing and search engine optimisation and we are thrilled to deliver Australia’s #1 lead generation solution for the crane hire industry.

Coco Cullen-Knox – Founder/Director

Sean Bradley – Founder/Director

We Gaurantee Quality!

Risk free

Our partnership structure makes it completely risk free. We garauntee your business will be better off with the help of Can Do Cranes…. We deliver results or you don’t pay. Simple!

Tailored solutions

We work with you to make sure you are getting the amount of leads you want, the type of leads you want, in the locations you want.

Dedicated support

You’ll have direct contact with Sean and Coco – Can Do Cranes founders. We work with you to make sure you’re getting the best value possible.

Industry expertise

We’ve spoken with dozens of crane hire compnaies around Australia.  We  understand the crane hire industry and how to deliver the best results.

Proven results

We continue to deliver consistent results for the local crane companies we partner with. We guarantee your business will be better off with the help of Can Do Cranes. 


Can Do Cranes represents a reliable and proven solution to lead generation tailored for the crane hire industry.  Ready-to-buy customers are contacting you directly. You are NOT bidding for low quality jobs like other lead generation platforms. Our leads range from simple lifts to short-term construction projects, and even substantial tender submissions. By prioritising quality and exclusivity, our approach yields higher conversion rates and a markedly superior return on investment compared to alternative shared lead options.


How many leads will you send me?

It really depends on the capacity of your business and how many more calls you can handle. Do you have systems in place that can handle the extra call volume and the capacity to fulfill additional job requests?

The number of new leads you will get represents a (high) portion of the ideal customers in your area. While we like to think we have godly powers, we can’t create new customers. So if you want 500 more calls a month but your area only has a population of 100, sorry, we're good - but we aren't that good.

What we can do is guarantee that the call volume will represent a great return on your investment. We can tailor our strategy depending on how much work your business can handle. Remember with no lock in contract, and the amount of blood sweat and tears it takes to set up the strategy, it’s in our interest to have your phone ringing. You don’t need to be worrying if we will hold up our end of the deal, we’ll be doing the worrying for both of us (not that we worry, we’re really really good at this, remember).

What if I already have a website?

Great! That means we are providing additional marketing diversificatiom for your business! What we are offering is an opportunity for you to take up more online real estate, capturing more of the ideal customers wanting your services. The customers we have calling your phone are 100% yours. They will be your return customers and you will be who they recommend to their friends and family.

Currently, a lot of customers search for services using Google Search on their mobile. Google gathers its data of what to show customers based on a range of factors including; various website indicators, social signals, location data, AI models and algorithms. We work across all of these aspects to ensure we're capturing the ready-to-buy customers in your area.

However, a website is just one touch-point online that helps us direct ready to buy customers to your phone. As you know, things online are constantly changing and evolving. We stay abreast of these changes to ensure we are at the forefront of AI models and algorithms.

This complements any advertising or web presence you might already have and allowing your business to grow beyond what it could with just your website alone.

What if i want particular jobs in certain areas?

Maybe you want to be travelling less or there’s an area that’s booming and you want to get in on the action in a big way. Let’s make that happen! Our strategy is customisable and we have the power to tailor it to meet your business growth goals.

How will I know how many leads you send me and if they are from you?

Our software lets us track all the calls and emails that we send you. You’ll also know each time a call is coming in from us. We set up a little voice that says “new lead from Can Do Cranes” just before the customer is connected. You will also get a report at the end of every month detailing all the calls and emails and an estimated return on investment.

What will be my return on investment?

When we chat, we can run the numbers with you to quickly determine what may be possible for your situation. At the end of each month we will send you a report detailing how many phone calls and emails we sent you. This report will include an estimated ROI (after paying us, which is fully tax deductible!), so you can easily keep track of your investment. We are completely transparent in our business leaving no room for uncertainty or guess work.

What is the cost of joining the lead generation program?

You’re probably thinking this is all too good to be true and have some questions about how much it’s going to cost you to get your phone ringing off the hook. We build a pricing structure tailored to your busines and area you service. We only partner with you if both you and us are completely confident that you are going to see a fantastic return on your investment. We sit down with you (over zoom or phone) and run the numbers to determine how much extra work you can handle, the additional revenue that we will be bringing in and at what price it makes sense for us both. You can also do the numbers yourself and you will quickly realise the increase in revenue our lead generation service represents for your business.


Can Do Cranes is a nationally authoritive site representing locally run Australian crane hire businesses.

Signing up with Can Do Cranes offers crane hire companies exlusive rights to 100% of the calls generated in their region by the Can Do Cranes managed web presence.

Pricing is based upon each individual applicant and their capacity, guaranteeing a great return-on-investment.
Yellow Logo of Can Do Cranes with crane arm extending vertically
Below are a list of questions that will allow us to determine if your business qualifies for our lead generation program.
How many staff on your team?
How many Cranes in your fleet?
How many of the calls you recieve do you convert into jobs

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